A Bill Regarding the Funding for the Bluejay Sculpture Project

A Bill Regarding the Funding for the Bluejay Sculpture Project

F.B. 8

1. WHEREAS, the Johns Hopkins University’s Student Government Association (hereinafter referred to as “SGA”) was founded in order to act as the student body’s voice and address the general needs and wants of the undergraduate population.

2. WHEREAS, many of Johns Hopkins’ peer institutions have sculptures or similar structures on their campuses that students can decorate to advertise events, make announcements, and express their university pride and spirit.

3. WHEREAS, students of the Johns Hopkins University lack similar mediums through which they can express themselves in an unrestricted and spontaneous manner.

4. WHEREAS, the SGA Safety, Sustainability, and Development (hereinafter referred to as “SSD”) committee has been in communication with various university individuals and offices about the development and implementation of a similar sculpture for the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus.

5. WHEREAS, following a student poll, the SSD committee has determined that a 6-7 foot tall Bluejay holding the university logo would be the most appropriate design for such a sculpture, which would be available for student expression and decoration.

6. WHEREAS, various university divisions and the SSD committee agree that the Freshman Quad would act as the optimal placement for the Bluejay sculpture, given its centralized location and high foot-traffic.

7. WHEREAS, in recent years, there has been no on-campus record of graduating class’s annual monetary gift contributions in terms of amounts given and percentage of class involvement.

8. WHEREAS, the JHU Office of Annual Giving and the SSD committee agree that the creation of such a record would be valuable, as it would create friendly inter-class competition, promote intra-class unity and act as an ever-growing log of JHU history.

9. WHEREAS, the members of the SSD committee recommend that, as part of the sculpture project, a metal plaque (hereinafter referred to as “Annual Giving Plaque”) that acts as such a record of class giving be erected next to the Bluejay sculpture.

10. WHEREAS, the total cost of completing the sculpture project – including the cost of the Annual Giving Sign – is estimated to be between $25,820 and $28,820, which includes the cost of materials, structural engineering, transport, labor, permits, among other expenditures.

11. WHEREAS, the SSD committee has received commitment from an alumni donor to cover the cost of the sculpture, dependent on SGA’s proven commitment to the project.

12. WHEREAS, SGA is given an annual budget, which can be distributed to its many student-led campus initiatives.

13. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Student Government Association shall provide $2,500 to cover the cost of the Annual Giving Sign, to offset the overall cost of the sculpture, and to establish its commitment to the project and its purpose.

14. THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the SGA will continue to support initiatives that promote and embrace university-wide unity and spirit.

It is so ordered.

Sponsor: Rodolfo Finocchi

Co-Sponsors: Destiny Bailey, Kanami Mori

Committee: Safety, Sustainability, and Development

Vote: In Favor : 28 Opposed : 0 Abstentions : 0

Therefore, the bill: PASSES

Vice President: Kyra Toomre