A Bill Regarding New SAC Bylaws – Spring 2014

A Bill Regarding New SAC Bylaws – Spring 2014

A Bill Regarding New SAC Bylaws – Spring 2014

F.B. 10


  1. WHEREAS, The Student Activities Commission (SAC) serves as the funding board of the Student Government Association. The SAC supports registered student organizations by allocating funds that will result in programs and services to benefit the undergraduate community on the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University


2. WHEREAS, Current SAC Bylaws make Advocacy and Awareness groups ineligible for annual funding grants


3. WHEREAS, SGA Senate members do not currently attend SAC Annual and Monthly grant meetings


4. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that effective April 29th, 2014 the SAC Bylaws be updated as follows:


IV. Student Activities Commission

  1. The Student Activities Commission, hereafter referred to as SAC, shall hereby be created as a subsidiary group of the Student Government Association
  2. The SAC shall be tasked with providing funding for approved student groups classified into the following five categories:
    1. Culture
    2. Performing Arts
    3. Publications and Journals
    4. Special Interest and Hobby
    5. Religious and Spiritual
  3. The SAC shall be tasked with providing all amenities entitled to approved student groups with the exception of variable annual funding budgets to Advocacy and Awareness groups
    1. Advocacy and Awareness Groups are entitled to receive an annual SAC allotment of $300 provided they meet proper application deadlines
  4. The SAC shall be comprised of nine voting Commissioners, appointed by the SGA Executive Treasurer and approved by the SGA Senate
  5. In the event of a vacancy, the SGA Executive Treasurer may appoint replacement members with SGA senate approval or divide responsibilities among the remaining SAC Commissioners
  6. The SGA Executive Treasurer shall chair the SAC but shall only vote when a tie exists
  7. Quorum shall be set at half plus one of the membership SAC
  8. The SGA Senate is hereby ordered the overseeing body of the SAC
    1. At least one member of the SGA Finance Committee shall be present at all SAC meetings

i.         Finance Committee members are non-voting observers but may ask questions or comment on meeting procedures and decisions

  1. Decisions of the SAC may be challenged by the SGA Senate under these two methods:

i.         A funding decision may be appealed to the SGA Senate and amended by a ⅔ majority vote

ii.         In the event of suspected improprieties on behalf of the SAC, a member of the Finance Committee may motion to bring up a decision for discussion at the SGA Senate meeting:

  1. Any financial or confidential information about student groups must be discussed in closed meeting
  2. A ⅔ majority vote of the Senate is needed to amend an SAC decision
  1. Decisions of the SGA Senate are final regarding funding matters, appealable only to the SGA Judiciary, upon constitutional or other violations-related grounds.


It is so ordered.


Sponsor: Dylan Gorman

Cosponsors: Alex Pressman, Janice Bonsu




Therefore, the resolution: PASSES FAILS


Vice President: _________________________________________________________

Janice M. Bonsu