The Johns Hopkins Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary representative body for Hopkins Undergraduates.

The mission of the SGA is to “strengthen student unity, represent student interests, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.”  The SGA’s main mission is to represent “you,” the student body, to the Administration, and ensure that the rights of students are being upheld.

The SGA has an elected Legislative and Executive Branch, as well as an appointed Judiciary.

  • The Legislative Branch, is composed of the Student Senate, with 28 members (7 elected from each class).  The Senate deals with financial issues, the group approval process, academic affairs, student life and appoints students to various boards and commissions.  The Senate meets on a weekly basis and is the major policy-making arm of the SGA
  • The Executive Branch is composed of the Executive Board of four executive officers, the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer – who are elected by the school as a whole.  The four officers are charged with different duties, which are outlined in greater detail in the Executive Board page.
  • The Judiciary is an independent branch, composed of five Justices, who elect a Chief Justice from among themselves.  They are charged with upholding the SGA constitution and hearing appeals of SGA actions as well as election rules.

The Student Senate meets every TUESDAY at 7:00 PM, in the Charles Commons East Room, and all are welcome!