Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the Executive President, Executive Vice-President, Executive Secretary and Executive Treasurer: The Executive Board and Senate meets every Tuesday at 7 PM in the Charles Commons Barber Room. These meetings are open to the public, and we encourage all students to come and see how we operate!

Executive President

  • Serves as the primary liaison of Student Government Association (SGA).
  • Serves as the secondary finance officer of SGA.
  • Charged with maintaining the functionality of the SGA.
  • Serves as the sole spokesperson of the Student Body


Executive Vice-President

  • Charged with chairing and running the SGA general body meeting.
  • Serves as Head Parliamentarian.
  • Charged with sorting the Class Senators into their various committees.


Executive Secretary

  • Charged with taking minutes at the SGA general body meeting.
  • Charged with taking attendance at the SGA general body meeting.
  • Charged with keeping records for the SGA.
  • Charged with working with the Executive President to communicate with the Student Body.


Executive Treasurer

  • Serves as Head finance officer of the SGA.
  • Serves as Head officer of the Student Activities Committee (SAC).