The Judicial Branch shall be an independent branch, composed of five Justices, who shall elect a Chief Justice from amongst themselves.

Appointments to the judicial branch shall be proposed by the SGA President, upon the advice of the Senate, and subject to the approval of 2/3 of the Senate.

Justices shall serve a one-year term, based upon date of appointment.

The Judicial Branch shall be responsible for interpreting the Constitution and By-laws, enforcing election procedures, and serve as the final avenue of appeal for all matters relating to the SGA.

Upon the request of the Constitution and By-laws Committee, the SGA Judiciary may also be asked to give advisory opinions regarding the constitutionality of any piece of legislation, or any act of the SGA.

The Judicial Branch shall operate according to its own Rules and Guidelines.

Rules of the Judiciary


NamePositionEmail AddressYear
Dylan CowitJusticedcowit1 at jhu.eduSenior
Anup RegunathanJusticeareguna1 at gmail.comSenior
Tom RoesserJusticetomsroesser at gmail.comSenior
Katharine ShadlockJusticekshadlo1 at jhu.eduSophomore