A Bill Regarding Campus Affairs Funding

A Bill Regarding Campus Affairs Funding


  1. WHEREAS the Student Government Association bears the mandate of serving its constituents.
  2. WHEREAS the Campus Affairs Committee conducted an online survey of off-campus properties during the prior academic term.
  3. WHEREAS students often have trouble finding a sub-letter when they go abroad.
  4. WHEREAS there is a need for a database of past course syllabi.
  5. WHEREAS the Student Government is pursing the creation of a services page on its website.
  6. WHEREAS the Student Government Association requires the assistance of Computer Science students in the creation of this Student Services Database.
  7. THEREFORE the Student Government Association will allot $975 total for 3 equal stipends to be awarded to eligible computer science students upon satisfactory completion of the project as determined by the Chair of the Campus Affairs committee. The term will last throughout the Fall Semester of 2010 at an approximation of 25 hours for $13/hour.
  8. THEREFORE the Appointments and Evaluations Committee will be in charge of the application and hiring process and the Finance Committee will be responsible for the allotting of funds. Campus Affairs will be responsible for project oversight.


It is so ordered.

Sponsors: Kirk Sabnani

Co-Sponsors: Joanna Gawlik, Benjamin Googe

Committee: Campus Affairs

PASSED by the Senate by unanimous consent.