A Bill Regarding the Development and Funding to Produce a RideShare Service on the SGA Website

A Bill Regarding the Development and Funding to Produce a RideShare Service on the SGA Website


  1. WHEREAS the Student Government Association bears the mandate of serving its constituents by providing student services.
  2. WHEREAS many students fly home out of BWI airport, at or around the same time during holidays.
  3. WHEREAS the SGA has the means to develop a RideShare service on its website, jhusga.com, to easily allow JHU students find other JHU students to split taxi cabs to the airport.
  4. THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the Student Government Association will allow the Student Services Committee to spend $1000 from its general expenditures account to hire a software engineer, selected at the discretion of the Student Services Committee, to develop this RideShare service for the SGA website.
  5. THEREFORE IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED the payment to the selected Software Engineer will only occur after the completion of his/her services subject to approval of the Student Services Committee and the full SGA Senate.

It is so ordered.

Sponsors: Benjamin Googe

Co-Sponsors: Kirk Sabnani, Stephanie Geller, Minerva Kim, Alex Schupper

Committee: Student Services


Vote:    In Favor            Opposed           Abstentions


Therefore, the bill:                     PASSES BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT



  • Should be accessible through the JHUSGA.com website.
  • Should provide means for students to find other students wishing to split cabs to the airport in a quick, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly manner.
  • Will be accessible only by JHU students by means of JHED authentication.
  • Will allow students to easily contact perspective RideShare mates through JHU email.
  • Will allow students to add posts once logged in using JHED authentication.
  • Will allow students to remove their own posts once logged in with JHED authentication.



  • MySQL database backend to store all data(JHED, date/time, number of passengers)
  • Frontend similar to the design of the Off-Campus Housing Database (PHP/CSS etc.)
  • JHED Authentication required to view, add or remove any posts(similar to the way things work for OCHD)
  • Must display correctly on all major web browsers and operating systems.


JHU RIDESHARE ROUGH SKETCHES (in order the user would access):

  1. taxi1
  2. taxi2
  3. taxi3