A Proposal Allocating Start-Up Funding for New Student Groups

A Proposal Allocating Start-Up Funding for New Student Groups


1.  WHEREAS, the Student Government Association (hereafter, SGA), recognizes the important need for new student groups to have funding in order to publicize their new presence, interest meetings, and events.

2.  WHEREAS, the SGA contingency fund is in place to help better all students and student groups.

3.  WHEREAS, new student groups may not apply for SAC funding for an academic year.

4.  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that one-hundred dollars ($100) be released per newly approved student group from the SGA Contingency Fund to the Finance Committee for the purpose of funding new student group activity.

5.  THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such funding shall be offered only to new student groups that are approved by the Senate; and that said funding activities must also be overseen and approved by the Finance Committee; and that said groups may request an additional fifty dollars ($50) if they complete successful initial reviews by the AEC, and a need for further funding is determined.  Funding is limited to new SGA or SAC groups.

6.  THERFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that after the one-year wait period has expired, student groups are responsible for requesting funding from the SAC on their own, if they choose.

Sponsor:  Viann Nguyen

Co-sponsors:  Mark Zamorski, Alex Lachman, Jake Meth, Stephanie Suser, Michael Wu

Committee:  Appointments and Evaluations Committee