A Resolution Regarding Accountability and Transparency of the Student Government Association(“The W.L. Act”)

A Resolution Regarding Accountability and Transparency of the Student Government Association(“The W.L. Act”)


  1. WHEREAS the Student Government Association (SGA) believes in accountability and transparency in all aspects of its organization.
  2. WHEREAS there has been a lack of accountability and transparency in the SGA as a whole, specifically regarding the means in which the SGA spends its money.
  3. WHEREAS the SGA has spent nearly $30,000 this year, a significant increase spending in spending from any previous year of the SGA’s operation.
  4. WHEREAS the SGA members and the student body as a whole reserves the right to know how SGA members spend and distribute money allotted to the SGA.
  5. WHEREAS these budget totals have not been revealed to the student body, nor have they been adequately reported to the SGA members.
  6. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following be added to the SGA bylaws in a new section, to be titled “VII. Executive Treasurer,” and to comprise of the following text: “1. The duties of the Executive Treasurer of the SGA shall be: i. To report all SGA financial transactions, not including SAC transactions, at all SGA full body meetings; ii. To work with the SGA Finance Committee to create a competitive application process for SAC liaisons and to run effective SAC meetings; iii. To report all student groups approved for SAC funding grants at the most recent SAC meeting, but not specific financial numbers; iv. To publish and co-manage a specific page of the SGA’s website reserved to the information aforementioned in the SGA bylaws, section VII, subsections 1.i and 1.iii, with the SGA Finance Committee; v. To ensure that Article 4, subsection 4.05a of the SGA Constitution is upheld to its fullest extent; vi. To publish the yearlong SGA budget to the SGA website, and to publicly report any deficits and surpluses at the end of each semester; 2. The duties of the Executive Treasurer shall not be exclusively bound to those listed under Section VII, subsection 1, of the SGA bylaws, but may include other duties as necessary.”

It is so ordered.

Sponsor: Nick Trenton

Co-Sponsors: HyunSik Choi, Sean Murphy, Saharsh Patel, Karen Poreh

Committee: Finance

Vote:    In Favor            Opposed           Abstentions

Therefore, the bill:                     PASSES BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT

Vice President:             _________________________________________________________

Elizabeth Duval