An Act Funding Student Group Website Domain Names

An Act Funding Student Group Website Domain Names


1.  WHEREAS, the Student Government Association (hereafter, SGA), recognizes the important need for student groups to have domain names in order to publicize their presence and events.


2.  WHEREAS, the SGA contingency fund is in place to help better all students and student groups.


3.  WHEREAS, offers one year registration for domain names for $1.99


4.  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250) be released from the SGA Contingency Fund to the Executive Officers for the purpose of establishing student group website domain names.


5.  THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such domain names shall be offered only to student groups that currently lack a domain name; and that said groups find hosting services on their own, such as through Google Sites, or through the Hopkins ACM organization.  Funding is limited to SGA or SAC groups.


6.  THERFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that after the one-year period has expired, student groups are responsible for funding the website on their own, if they choose, via their annual budget.


Sponsor:  Justin Waite


Committee:  Finance Committee


Vote:         In Favor  31        Opposed   0       Abstentions 0


Therefore, the bill: PASSES



Vice President:                                                                   ____________/s_______________

Evan Lazerowitz