(2012-2013) A Bill Regarding SGA Communication and Event Summaries

A Bill Regarding SGA Communication and Event Summaries

  1. WHEREAS, the mission of SGA is to “strengthen student unity, represent student interests, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.”
  2. WHEREAS the Student Government Association (SGA) realizes the importance of providing the student body with events that contribute positively to the community and harbor school spirit.
  3. WHEREAS, The SGA recognizes the need to pursue projects and initiatives that would improve the life of Undergraduates at The Johns Hopkins University.
  4. WHEREAS, in order to complete its purpose the SGA must divide it’s time between working on initiatives and executing events for the Student Body.
  5. WHEREAS, the general SGA council is separated into sections by committee and class, each division has different primary contacts and initiatives.
  6. WHEREAS, The execution of events is recognized as an important task of the SGA, this process has been inefficient caused by the lack of information passed down from year to year.
  7. WHEREAS, Each year new members join SGA, which can cause lags in progress due to lack of information or ideas.
  8. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that SGA requires all Committees, classes, and executive officers to construct a yearly report of all initiatives, events, contacts and other relevant information for SGA member for the following year.
  9. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that SGA requires all Committees and Classes to write full detailed reports on each event’s costs, contacts, itinerary, and attendance.
  10. THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the compilation of such reports be made readily available to all SGA members in the future to allow the following year’s SGA to work productively and serve the Johns Hopkins University community to the best of its ability.

It is so ordered.

Sponsor: Kyra Toomre

Co-Sponsors: Zoe Cohen, Joanna Gawlik, Sean Glass

Committee: Student Services

Therefore, the bill:                   PASSES BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT

Vice President: _________________________________________________________

Alex Schupper